Before Surgery- no chest scars

Before Surgery- no chest scars

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March- Surgery Date!

I just got a call today that Luke will have surgery #2, the Glenn, on April 4th, 2012. That is only 3 weeks away! I am excited because I see him getting grayer skin tones and his energy level is not super high. He does not push up with his legs, sit up, or try to roll over. He just uses his eyes, neck, and hands to be involved in his world. So hopefully this surgery will give him some more energy.

They said I need to expect 7-10 days in-hospital recovery following the Glenn. This means I'll miss Easter with the family. But at least I can plan things so that my family is not just left to muddle through school and activities. I'll hopefully have lots of meals made in the freezer and lots of friends helping out with driving and entertainment. My sweet in-laws will watch the kids most of the time. But they are in their 70s and those 4 kids are rambunctious!

Here are some pictures:
Here are all the kids together.

Here are Amberly, Luke, and I.

 Luke LOVES his swing. He won't sleep more than an hour at a time without swinging. So we go through lots of batteries but we are so grateful for a swing. 

Here is Luke in all his chubby gloriousness.  We're so glad that he's been able to gain weight!

Here is my grandma holding Luke.  She is 92 years old.  I was a little afraid that she would pinch him too hard.  But thankfully she was very careful!