Before Surgery- no chest scars

Before Surgery- no chest scars

Sunday, May 27, 2012

6 Weeks Post Op

Tuesday marked the six week postoperative date for Luke's OHS. I wanted to update his progress thus far. First, he is still on oxygen. He only has 1/32 of a liter but has not weaned completely off it. So when at home Luke has a 15 foot tether and I try to get the house clean, make meals, and care for the kids while holding Luke and dragging the cord about. When we leave the house Luke has a 3 foot tether connected to an oxygen tank that I either push or carry about. It is not easy having a baby with all of the baby paraphernalia, but an infant with oxygen is awful! For Luke's first 7 months of life I have kept him home except for doctor visits and walks around the neighborhood. But Dr. Walker the cardiologist, said that at 6 weeks post-op we could take Luke out in public. It is great to feel like we can finally go out when needed. Already I've taken him to school for my daughter's science fair, a baby shower, and church. I still try and keep him away from the crowds and I sanitize his hands when ever someone touches them (I make sure they don't see me) but still we are free from the house! It is a great feeling. Luke has become a happy baby and I know he is not hurting anymore. It makes me so thankful that he can enjoy life. He is starting to take routine naps but he still wakes up frequently during the night. He also likes a quiet room and mommy to be able to fall asleep. I am just grateful that the other kids are old enough to accommodate his quirks. Before the Glenn I was advised to get a family picture taken in case that was the only we ever had. I had my talented friend Andra Shostead take the shots. I am including some pictures of Andra's work and also of Luke at home.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It has been just over four weeks since Luke's surgery. He is starting to share smiles and laughs again. He is trying to sit up and roll over. He is still on oxygen but is slowly weaning off. Medications are the biggest difficulties right now. Especially the one in the middle of the night.
Taylor, Luke, and I spend the days together while Mark is at work and the other kids are at school. We are enjoying the beautiful weather and finally getting outside. Those two boys are great buddies!